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And now, Cayle with this weapon shop girl, who had let herself be picked uphe saw them as he turned the corner onto Second Avenue.

Would this go on now, as before, Cayle and he living in the same house, not even looking at each other when they met, going to bed at different times, getting up, Fara at 6:30, Cayle at noon?

They passed along the aisle, Cayle assessing the casualness with which they were taking the trip.

Hopelessly, Cayle moved out of her line of vision and sank into a seat.

Colonel Laurel Medlon, he would have Cayle understand, confidant of the empress, intimate of the palace, head of a tax collecting district.

Another remark about some two-timing dames who had better watch out made Cayle visualize an officer who maintained several mistresses.

Not once during the argument that followed did Cayle lower his own gun.

After a quick look around, it was clear to Cayle that Lucy Rail never did a stroke of housework.

But Cayle did not need the uneasy reaction of the other man to realize who the woman was.

Penny Palace she saw things that Cayle could not possibly have observed without having the knowledge that she had.

It would be unfortunate if he suspected that the weapon shops were interested in Cayle Clark.

In three days Cayle would be initiated into the sordid life of the houses of illusion.

A callidetic of the measurement of Cayle Clark would yet make himself felt in Isher.

After the afternoon she and Cayle had spent together she had felt sure of him.

If she failed to contact Cayle during the time that would be available, then she might find herself experiencing what this house had to offer whether she wanted to or not.