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Cayeye is a Colombian cuisine dish made from mashed guineos, a type of green bananas. It is principally eaten for breakfast. Cayeye is from the Caribbean coastal region of Magdalena, Colombia including Ciénaga, Zona Bananera, Santa Marta, Fundación and Aracataca. Cabeza de gato is a variant that uses green plantain instead of guineos. The dish is similar to Cuban cuisine Fufu de Plátano, Puerto Rican cuisine mofongo, and mangú from the Cuisine of the Dominican Republic.

Green guineos are boiled and then mashed with a sofrito of sauteed tomato, onion, minced garlic and sometimes achiote. Cayeye is served with grated queso costeño and suero atollabuey or butter. It can also be served with meat, fried fish, shrimp, or crab. A fried egg can be added on top and accompaniments can include avocado.