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Crossword clues for cavorts


vb. (en-third-person singular of: cavort)

Usage examples of "cavorts".

When stoned: So-and-so cavorts through the dignified hideaway of his subject's private life with all the tact and discretion of a lobotomized orang-utan which has just sat on a hedgehog.

Indeed, the Gnome Cavorts About in a Most Unseemly and Ridiculous Manner, Displaying With a Small Poignard the Novice's Skill He Has Learned in Swordplay From the Rascally Rascogne, Who Has, The Mage Now Discovers To His Great Displeasure, Been Usurping the Wizard's Monopoly Over the Dwarf's Education.

Vance cavorts in his own words like Scrooge McDuck in his money bin swimming pool.

No son of mine cavorts with his mate without offerin' her the proper union.

It's all in the monitor, whose flush of images twists and cavorts noisily, or in the unpredictable churning out of data on Gaia's printer apparatus, a clunky prayer wheel tied to an electronic roller.