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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cavin \Cav"in\, n. [F. See Cave.] (Mil.) A hollow way, adapted to cover troops, and facilitate their aproach to a place.


n. (context military English) A hollow route, adapted to cover troops and facilitate their approach to a place.


In fortification, a cavin is a hollow way, adapted to cover troops, and facilitate their approach to a place.

Usage examples of "cavin".

Until Cavin, Jana assumed the concept of aliens visiting Earth was the invention of really bored people with low-quality cameras living in remote parts of New Mexico and Nevada.

Yet, even if she could talk her way out of any blame, how could she leave Cavin to take the fall?

Jana saw was a blur of tattoos and black leather before she jammed her foot to the gas pedal so fast that Cavin had to grab hold of the dash to keep his balance.

Jana said, poking a thumb at Cavin, who nodded politely at the officer.

Jana, except bedding her, yes, definitely that, but that was a more immediate wish as opposed to long term, but Cavin cleared his mind of all of it.

And when it was over, when the fleet was turned away, Cavin would get his girl.

Noticing her condition for the first time, Cavin felt the heat of shame.

She wanted Cavin with a fanged, descended-from-wolves viciousness than transcended her tiny barrel-chested body.

In a frenzy of scraping nails and barking, Sadie ran to Cavin, who stood there in his interstellar body armor, regarding Sadie with a hint of amusement curving his mouth as the little dog told him who was boss in the house.

The next thing she knew, Cavin had pulled her onto the couch next to him.

Her stomach flip-flopped at the mere thought of mentioning Cavin to them.

The other half wanted to beat Cavin to within an inch of his life for his part in making that happen.

Being with Cavin was how it felt when she was around her family, only sharpened with a desperate physical attraction.

Darkly, Cavin rubbed his knuckles across his chin and thought about what Jana had told him.

But the photo had captured Cavin from helmet to platform boots as he bent over to get in the car.