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n. (plural of cave English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cave)

Caves (beer)

Caves is a dark Belgian beer, available around the cities of Lier and Ghent.

Caves has a long history of success and decline. From the 16th century onwards, it was brewed by several breweries around the city of Lier, but when the last brewery Cuykens disappeared in 1967 it seemed that this was also the end of the beer tradition of Caves.

However, in 1976 the cultural organization 'De Heren van Lier' decided to start brewing the beer again.

Caves is a beer of high fermentation, based on grain, malt and hops. No conservatives or sugars are used during the brewing process.

Usage examples of "caves".

The jagged sandstone wall was pockmarked with dark holes of caves and streaked with narrow cracks and crevices.

None of the caves he had examined so far were suitable -- they all lacked some condition that was essential -- and he was getting desperate.

People to live in caves, to wear the fur of animals, to hunt and gather in the summer and save food for winter.

No sound emerged from the inner caves where all the men and boys now slept the dreamless sleep.

They had not seen any of the several groups of people -- such groups were thought of as Caves whether they lived in one or not -- who referred to themselves as Losadunai.

Jondalar had lived in caves in steep cliffs with precipitous ledges, but nothing quite like the home of this Cave of Shamudoi.

All the Caves traveled to a prearranged meeting place for a Zelandonii Matrimonial, and several couples were formally united at one time.

Her prodigious research, begun in 1977, has led her to prehistoric sites in Europe to add to her firsthand knowledge of such arts as flint knapping, the construction of snow caves, tanning hides, and gathering and preparing wild foods and medicinal plants and herbs.

In all ways, the caves of the Guadalupe Mountains were the opposite of the arid, light-drenched land above them.

Stage Four sulfuric acid caves cut across all three earlier stages of cave development.

Some caves literally breathe, with air flowing in and out at rhythmic intervals.

Someday the shells will split and new caves will develop out of the old, branching and spreading, alive with water, beauty growing through darkness, waiting only for the first touch of light to be revealed.

Wasteland have been moving toward Lattash through those caves instead of down the ravine?

I got the impression from what he said that the caves are quite extensive.

I remembered something Red-Beard told me about some fairly extensive caves in these mountains.