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CAV and Cav may refer to:

  • Cav., in botany, a designator for plants named by Antonio José Cavanille
  • Cav., abbreviation for Cavaliere, an Italian order of knighthood
  • Cavalleria rusticana, an opera often played as a double bill with Pagliacci, and then referred to as the Cav/Pag
  • Cav Daily, or The Cavalier Daily, a student newspaper at the University of Virginia
  • CAV-TV, or Cavalier TV, the official student news broadcast of the University of Virginia
  • CAV Murcia 2005, or Club Atlético Voleibol, a Spanish volleyball club
  • CAV Thakral Home Entertainment Co, Ltd., a Chinese DVD and CD distributor
  • CAV M9M1, a Brazilian submachine gun
  • Chicken anaemia virus, a virus that affects poultry
  • Clarion Municipal Airport, in Clarion, Iowa, IATA airport code CAV
  • Colegio Alemán de Valencia, a German international school in Valencia, Spain
  • Combat Assault Vehicle, a miniatures wargame
  • Compressed air vehicle, a vehicle powered by an air engine
  • Computer Aided Verification, an annual academic computer science conference
  • Constant air volume, a type of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system
  • Constant Angular Velocity, a qualifier for the rated speed of an optical disc drive
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria, a government agency in Victoria, Australia
  • Curia advisari vult, or c.a.v., a Latin legal term meaning "the court wishes to be advised"
  • Cyclophosphamide, Adriamycin ( doxorubicin), and vincristine, a combination chemotherapy regimen for lung cancer
  • Lucas CAV, former automotive electrical manufacturer based in Britain
  • Mark Cavendish, British cyclist
  • X-41 Common Aero Vehicle, a classified U.S. military space plane

Usage examples of "cav".

The Cav is here now, and those gooks are going to shit when they see us in action.

At 0400 hours we were awake, and at 0545 we cranked up and flew the troops to an already secured LZ north of Lima to group with another Cav unit for the big push.

A little note was attached to one of the uncoiled springs explaining that it was the victim of the first shot fired at the Cav from inside one of its own helicopters.

Cav was built by the French, and the Cav considered it part of their property.

The Cav engineers had set up a group of special water-processing trucks next to the river.

VC were bending with the force to learn more about how the Cav operated.

I felt great about getting away from the Cav, even if for only one day.

Even I believed that it must be only the Cav that was having problems, that things in general were looking up.

Although the attack seemed relatively insignificant at the time, it would be the event that would soon bring the Cav and the North Vietnamese regulars together for the biggest battle yet.

He believed that the Cav was taking unnecessary chances with his life to prove that air-assault techniques really worked.

With apparently no one to fight, the Cav was just twenty thousand men sitting in the middle of Vietnam in their mildewing tents, wondering why they were here.

Some ships from another assault company in the Cav lifted in 250 South Vietnamese Rangers.

The Cav was so isolated from the ARVNs, I had never had a chance before.

First Cav - the helicopter division - lost one of their own Hueys in their own back yard.

After that the Cav guarded Mang Yang pass and the bridges on Route 19 going to Pleiku.