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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cauf \Cauf\, n. [Perh. akin to Celtic caff, cav, cau, L. cavus hollow, or to L. caphinus, Gr. ? basket.] A chest with holes for keeping fish alive in water.


Etymology 1 n. A chest with holes for keeping fish alive in water. Etymology 2

n. (eye dialect of calf English)

Usage examples of "cauf".

Only the lap of water against the sides, the sound of breathing, or the occasional chink of cauf cups being filled or set down on the railed tables between the rows of high-backed passenger benches.

She unrolled a blanket, coaxed up a tiny fire, and forced herself to make brandied cauf and to set a pot of water to heat with a strip of way-meat inside.

The way-stew was nothing to brag about, but the vapors did wonders to clear her head, so that she felt reasonably alert when she helped herself to the last of the cauf and began to repack her hasty camp.

He reached to the hot-jar at his waist, unscrewed the cap, drank deeply, then emptied it of cauf grounds and set about refilling it with snow.

Meanwhile, I built up a cook fire in the plaza for some cauf - outside, because at that time it seemed a right fine day.

She had enough slow-stone to make a tiny fire that gave light and a little warmth, and which could heat, but not boil, a bit of brandied cauf, and then it was true night.

She offered cauf, but he refused, fearing the effect any stimulant might have on his confused metabolism.