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And Cauch, urging them out upon the pavilion, seated them in withe chairs before a wicker table, then went off to instruct the girls who served from the buffet.

Going out upon the pavilion, Reith and Zap 210 found Cauch making a breakfast of pilgrim-pod cakes and a hot broth redolent of the shore.

The road then led twenty miles across a plain littered with boulders of honey-colored tuff, toward a pair of tall volcanic necks, each growing into an ancient weathered castle, in ages past the headquarters of hermetic cults but now, according to Cauch, the abode of ghouls.

As far as the offer of purgative at little or no charge"-here Cauch coughed-"this is all very well.

As Cauch spoke he pointed toward various quarters of the plaza, where the booths offered a great variety of goods: foodstuffs, cloth, leather.

Low-caste Thangs and a squat, big-headed variety of Gray peered forth from the doorways as Reith and Cauch went past.

Reith thus could see that both Cauch and Widisch had found places along the counter.