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The Collaborative International Dictionary

caucasoid \caucasoid\ adj. belonging to the caucasian racial group.

Syn: caucasian.


adj. of or relating to Caucasian people

Usage examples of "caucasoid".

Particularly instructive and well reported is the instance of bear cult of the Ainu of Japan, a Caucasoid race that entered and settled Japan centuries earlier than the Mongoloid Japanese, and are confined today to the northern islands, Hokkaido and Sakhalin -- the latter now, of course, in Russian hands.

The subject was almost certainly a male Caucasoid, more than eighteen and less than twenty-six years old.

You wouldn't see this kind of tooth decay in a prehistoric specimen, and anyway it looks Caucasoid, not Native American.

All the Caucasoids wore hoods--he couldn’t match Hudspeth or Lockhart to their mug shots.

Men accused of wholesale slaughter, and not for the first time, proven killers with rapsheets as long as toilet rolls: Such men I have coated in sweat with nothing more than a single Caucasoid hair strand or half a Reebok footprint.