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cattle pen

n. a pen for cattle [syn: cow pen, corral]

Cattle pen

Usage examples of "cattle pen".

I heard something and saw the glimmer of a sword in the cattle pen.

All day long we stood in the cattle pen: thirsty, tired, the hot summer sun striking down through an empty sky.

Simultaneously with the attack from the slopes the girls in the cattle pen, following the orders of masters, conveyed to them by Hilda, crying out, fled in their hundreds from the pen, streaming throughout the camp.

As far as I could tell, this Meldryn Mawr, whoever he might be, was monarch of a modest wooden cattle pen.

They sat together on the rail of the cattle pen, while the Zulu herd boys drove the cattle below them through the narrow race, until they reached the ledge from which they made the wild scrambling leap into the deep stinking chemical bath, to come up again, snorting fearfully, and swim, nose up, for the slope ramp beyond.

Alun Tringad's party had returned ahead of us, and they were waiting for us at the cattle pen when we arrived.