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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Catso \Cat"so\, n.; pl. Catsos. [It. cazzo.] A base fellow; a rogue; a cheat. [Obs.]
--B. Jonson.


n. A dishonest person; a rogue; a cheat.

Usage examples of "catso".

It distressed him, and he tried to turn his attention back to the gnats, but Pope demanded his attention, loosing a cry of anguish as Catso ripped open one of his several waistcoats to get to the lower layers.

His eyes were on Catso, who was systematically emptying the coat and waistcoat pockets and tossing a pathetic collection of keepsakes into the dust on the tunnel floor.

He was surprised, therefore, when Catso turned up looking for him on Friday evening.

He was increasingly taken up with Anelisa, and she, according to Catso, had made him swear off petty theft and save his talents for something more ambitious.

The house they had chosen was an easy target, so Catso claimed, and Karney would be a damn fool to let a chance of such easy pickings pass by.

When Catso finally finished his spiel Karney agreed to the job, not for the money, but because saying yes would get him back to the knot soonest.

Karney let Catso have pride of place beside Brendan and hung back a few paces, his hand in his jacket pocket, where the knots were waiting.

Brendan pushed through the thicket of brambles growing wild at the end of the garden and Catso followed, cursing as he was scratched.

Brendan was already crossing the garden, with Catso trailing a few yards behind.

Karney, satisfied that Catso had a head start, slipped back through the fence as the two policemen appeared at the head of the pathway and began in pursuit of Catso.

Brendan's belief was that Catso had been running from the police when he was killed, and it had been Karney's lack of concentration that had failed to alert them to the Law's proximity.

But events subsequent to the cremation of Catso put an end to such a convenient option.

He tasted blood from his split lip and wondered, wishing the thought would vanish even as it formed, if Catso had died immediately or if he too had tasted blood as he’d lain there on the tarmac looking up at the people on the bridge who had yet to learn how close death was.

His mind was a gallery of death portraits: Catso on the road, Red on the carpet, Brendan slipping from Pope's grip as the knife slid from his head.

Maybe the dog's got more where that came from, he said, letting Pope's hands fall and pushing Catso aside.