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acr. 1 (context rocketry English) Slang shorthand (which is not an acronym) for "Catastrophic failure" since it can happen at any point in time during the rocket flight. Properly spelled Cato or cato, and never in all caps. 2 (context rocketry English) (acronym) for "Catastrophe At Take Off" 3 (context Canada military English) Cadet Administrative and Training Order 4 (context aviation English) catapult assisted takeoff

Cato, NY -- U.S. village in New York
Population (2000): 601
Housing Units (2000): 253
Land area (2000): 0.988156 sq. miles (2.559311 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.025533 sq. miles (0.066131 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1.013689 sq. miles (2.625442 sq. km)
FIPS code: 12958
Located within: New York (NY), FIPS 36
Location: 43.168659 N, 76.573530 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 13033
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Cato, NY

Cato may refer to:

Cato (spy)

Cato was an African-American slave who served as an American Black Patriot spy and courier gathering Intelligence with his owner, Hercules Mulligan, who was a "sub-agent of the Culper Ring" in New York City. Mulligan's activities began before the Ring was formed and he operated both independently and in connection with the Ring. Cato was a vital associate in Mulligan's activities, often acting as a courier, in part through British-held territory. Historian Paul R. Misencik has written that Cato was a "faithful accomplice" of Mulligan.

An article in the Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine in 1985 stated: "Every estimate of the number of minorities who participated in the American Revolution has been deceptively low...." Cato is among those whose contributions have been mostly overlooked. Other than his intelligence activities with Mulligan, no definite information about him or his life is available.

Usage examples of "cato".

Cato by Joseph Addison From The Works of Joseph Addison in three volumes 1848 DRAMATIS PERSONAE.

Cato had started out from Cyrenaica, the general consensus had been June, as this date would give Caesar time to deal with King Pharnaces in Anatolia first.

I had the wonderful strength to perform, at least by halves, the character of a Cato until the seventh day.

Gabinius had not, Caesar noted Bibulus descend to the bottom of the Well, with Cato, Ahenobarbus and young Brutus behind him.

Gabinius was saying, though Bibulus, Cato and Ahenobarbus had anger written large in their faces.

Cato and Thermus ascended the steps on the side where Pollux sat his painted marble horse, picked their way between the praetors with a grin for Bibulus, and attained the bench.

Cato briefly, which Bibulus and Metellus Scipio interpreted correctly as a long night with Athenodorus Cordylion and the wine flagon.

Bibulus or Cato then, though I did encounter Bibulus very quickly after.

I predict people like Bibulus, Cato, Gaius Piso and Catulus will be licking their wounds for a long time.

But Cato was a man of the Roman Senate all his life, and of the war with Carthage, a true representative of the stern Rome of the Republic.

And it seems the censors agreed with my grandfather Cato the Censor, who maintained that his blood was noble enough to sanctify the blood of any slave.

They rode down to Corinth, up to Thebes, looked at the marshy foreshores of Lake Orchomenus where Sulla had won the two decisive battles against the armies of Mithridates, explored the tracks which had enabled Cato the Censor to circumvent the enemy at Thermopylae-and the enemy to circumvent the last stand of Leonidas.

Here I mean such imitators as Rowe was of Shakespear, or as Horace hints some of the Romans were of Cato, by bare feet and sour faces.

Cato instructed his six lictors to remain in the vestibule, then marched onward into the depths of a house designed to envelop its denizens in a degree of luxury that he found nauseating.

For they had all returned, of course, from Cato to his beloved older son, who had sailed in from Alexandria with a superb fleet of ten quinqueremes and sixty transports, the latter loaded to creaking point.