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a. Of or pertaining to cats; feline.

Usage examples of "catly".

As for his male cat, he was cat enough to risk death to satisfy his catly curiosity.

Whether it was the sound of a human voice, or the warmth of a human lap and a table lamp, or the simple idea of propinquity, a read was one of their catly pleasures that ranked with grooming their fur and chasing each other.

Yum Yum was a female who hid her catly wiles under a guise of affectionate cuddling, purring and nuzzling, often extending a paw to touch Qwilleran's moustache.

Koko, he recalled, had not cared for Melinda, always telling her to go home in his subtle, catly way.

Koko greeted him by flying around the room in a catly expression of joy - over chairs, under tables, around lamps, up to the top of the bookshelves, down to the floor with a thud and a grunt - making sharp turns in midair at sixty miles an hour.

He narrowed his eyes, and they became slits of catly ecstasy as the little female recognized her cue and washed inside his ears with her long pink tongue.

They writhed and squirmed and flipped from side to side in catly bliss that Qwilleran failed to understand.

Then he twisted his lithe body into a tortured shape, turned up his nose, crossed his eyes, and scratched his ear with one hind leg and an expression of catly rapture.

As soon as Qwilleran sat in the twistletwig rocker to calm his anxiety, Yum Yum hopped into his lap and comforted him with small, catly gestures: an extended paw, a sympathetic purr.

Frequently Koko's inquisitive nose and catly perception led to discoveries that escaped human observation.

They seemed embarrassed, as if he had interrupted some private catly rite that he was not supposed to witness.

It made no difference with catly persistence she pawed the wrong drawer.

Qwilleran massaged his moustache thoughtfully: He was reluctant to reveal that it was Koko's inquisitive sniffing and catly instincts that had turned up the clues.