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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Catha may refer to:

  • the shrub Khat
  • the plant genus Catha
  • the Etruscan goddess Catha (mythology)
Catha (genus)

Catha is a genus of plants of the Celastraceae family. It was described by Don in 1832.

Usage examples of "catha".

Now both she and the representation of Catha were facing the mirror she steadied into place.

I shall swear any oath you ask that I will do what I can to discover what happened to Catha and the others.

They had reached the end of one set of shelves and were confronting another when Catha stopped short.

Karla stood on her other side as Catha already flanked her on the left.

She had never been certain that she could do as Karla and Catha expected and get even this far with her persuasion.

Somehow she had expected Karla or Catha to be waiting but she might well have been alone in the mist-veiled shadows.

The sires trumpeted once more and the group set off for the south, where they would winter in the hidden canyons and valleys of the Catha Hills.

Pincushion stars glowed incandescent, fanned by the bellows of the unexpected shang wind and Riachadh na Catha, the ancient Battlefield of Kings, awoke.

By that time Lady Rabia, Chiana's full sister, had married Lord Patwin of Catha Heights, and the pair had invited the homeless girl to live with them.

Rabia's death in childbed had ended Chiana's time in Catha Heights, and she had lived in Waes again for a time before Kiele had caught her trying to seduce Lord Lyell.

Patwin of Catha Heights, still a widower after the death of Roelstra's daughter Rabia.

Patwin of Catha Heights, widower of Roelstra's daughter Rabia, was another excellent catch, judging by the cluster of females around him.

Thus Tilal ruled a considerable stretch of land along the Catha River, some of the best farming and grazing country in the princedoms.

So had Lady Rabia of Catha Heights, whose death in childbed delivering her third daughter had come just after her husband had blocked construction of a port at the mouth of the Faolain, a primary trade objective of both Syr and the Desert.

Woven through it was a view of winterswept hills that must be this group's southern home in the Catha Hills.