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n. (plural of cater English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cater)

Usage examples of "caters".

Caveny’s pupils lived they would think of the British Turlocks as brave, honest, hospitable, in­dustrious, temperate, hardy and enterprising, and the black Caters as beyond redemption, except for their ability to sing.

The Caters had made them­selves a powerful force in Patamoke history: Cudjo’s rise exemplified an era.

But this time he felt overcome by it, for these were the Caters, who had labored so faithfully to keep their family together, who despite their pitiful, hard-earned income had always contributed to his salary, had even whitewashed their shack to preserve an appearance of decency and dignity.

The only thing left was the traditional Patamoke recourse: the Caters could go to either the Steeds or the Paxmores and plead for help.

This was brought home to the Caters on the afternoon of the day when they heard the exciting news that Amos Turlock had actually shot a goose.

All the Caters were dismayed that Luta Mae had now been in jail four times, and despite the fact that they knew her to be one of the finest girls in Maryland, they were ashamed that she had so fallen athwart the law.

The Eden had five extra Turlocks and two Caters, each with his own job to do.

You got an underground business that caters to fairly exclusive clientele.

The management of The Green Table caters to our preferences in a separate portion of the establishment.

He's no doubt a regular at that house that caters to his sort, though unlikely to his degree of brutality.

These pre-egoic realms are, to repeat, the most egocentric (because the infant or child doesn't have a strong ego, it thinks that the world feels what it feels, wants what it wants, caters to its every desire: it does not clearly separate self and other, and thus treats the other as an extension of the self).