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CATC may refer to:

  • Chinese Association on Smoking Control
  • Civil Aviation Training Center, a UNDP-founded facility for training students in private and commercial piloting and regular air service, located in Iran, with bases in Thailand, Tehran, Ahwaz, Mashhad, Shiraz, Esfahan and Tabriz
  • Confédération Syndicale du Congo
  • Catapult C Synthesis
  • Carnitine O-acetyltransferase, an enzyme
CATC (Civil Aviation Technology College)

Civil Aviation Technology College (CATC) is a college in Tehran, Iran specializing in civil aviation. This college is the most accredited aviation college in Iran. Founded back to 1960's decade .Most of graduate students from this college are among elite key peoples in aviation and oil and gas industry worldwide . CATC is located in Meraj St. in Historic Mehrabad Airport . Legendary Instructors named Beihaghi, Nikpour, Izadi, Alameh,Asadzadeh Graduate students working in National and multinational giant companies are: –-Saeed Zahedi Air Canada- -–Ashkan Moshgelgosha Mapna- -–Mohammad Hadi Siemens- -–Kamyar Afshinyekta GE - -–Pooya RouhaniIran Air- -–Soheil Memarian Mahan Air- -–Abdolhossein Oskoei CAMP - -–Amir Oveisi Atlas- -–Kamran Taherian Volvo- -–Ehsan Shakeri Iran Airtour- -–Mohammad Ghasemi CAMP- -–Hamid Attaran TU Dresden- -–Mehdi Bahrami Schneider Electric- -–Hamid Nouri Bombardier- -–Shahrouz Jahanbin Boeing- -–Masoud Shamsian Siemens- -–Kian Zarafshan Siemens- -–Mohsen Mansouri OTC-