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Cassons or Casson is the name of a Yokut Native American tribe in central eastern California. The Cassons are also called the Gashowu. The Casson Yokut territory extended from the eastern side of San Joaquin Valley floor eastward to the upper foothills, between the San Joaquin River to the north and Kings River to south. The Cassons signed the Camp Barbour Treaty under Tom-quit 1, on the San Joaquin River, state of California, April 19, 1851. The treaty was signed by several Yokut tribes and between Redick McKee, George W. Barbour, and O. M. Wozencraft, commissioners on the part of the United States of America. Casson Yokut territory included Madera County and parts of Fresno County. The three chiefs who signed for the Cassons were Domingo Perez, Tom-mas and Jose Antonio. Many Native Californians had acquired Spanish names during the Mission Period. The Cassons, like other Yokuts, and central California Native groups, were pushed from their homes in the San Joaquin Valley to reservations after they signed several treaties, including the Camp Babour Treaty. The Barbour Treaty, Fremont Treaty and other California treaties were never ratified. Several Casson Yokut families went to work for Yosemite in the early 1900s. Like the surrounding tribes, the Mono Paiutes and the Miwoks, they resided there half year and returned to their tribal areas. Later in the late 1920s, Yosemite National Park built homes for their Native American workers.

Casson (disambiguation)

Casson may refer to

  • Casson, tribe in California, USA
  • Casson, Loire-Atlantique, a commune in western France

Casson is the surname of:

  • A. J. Casson (1898–1992), Canadian artist
  • Andrew Casson (born 1943), Anglo-American mathematician
  • Beau Casson (born 1982), Australian cricketer
  • Herbert N. Cason (1869–1951), Canadian author and journalist
  • Hugh Casson (1910–1999), British architect
  • Lewis Casson (1875–1969), British actor
  • Lionel Casson (1914–2009), American classicist
  • Mel Casson (1920–2008), American cartoonist

Usage examples of "casson".

When Dollier de Casson, the soldier who had become Sulpician priest, returned from the campaign against the Iroquois, he had been sent as a missionary to the Nipissing Country.

It had been said of Dollier de Casson that once, attacked by two renegade Frenchmen, he had broken the leg of one and the back of the other, and had then picked them up and carried them for miles to shelter and nursing.

But such as Dollier de Casson must have a field for affection to enrich.

She had been there some months before, but it was only for a few weeks, and then she had met Dollier de Casson and Perrot.

But one day, when Casson fired at an anaconda that was darting at Bomba, the gun burst and laid Casson on his back, while the wounded anaconda retreated.

After beating off another attack of the head-hunters, Bomba took Casson down the river and delivered him to the care of Pipina, an old squaw for whom he had done many favors, and set out to find Jojasta.

On two previous occasions, he and Casson, the aged naturalist with whom he lived, had been sought out by these dreaded savages and had narrowly escaped with their lives.

He has been away a long time, and he does not know whether Casson is alive or dead.

In spite of his eagerness to reach Casson, about whose condition he was in a ferment of anxiety, he must make a long circuit to avoid the region in which Doto had indicated that danger lay.

He had questioned Casson repeatedly on this point, and the old man had striven in vain to tell him.

Bomba's questioning stopped as the thought came to him that perhaps there would be no Casson to tell him anything.

Pipina had seen the beasts approaching and, taking Casson with her, had retreated to the inner room, shut the door, and piled against it whatever furniture she could gather in her frantic haste.

Cody Casson, his steps slow and uncertain, looking so frail that it seemed as though a zephyr would have blown him away, but with an affectionate welcome in his faded eyes.

The lad was glad to see also that Casson had a better appetite than he had had when Bomba had left him.

Pipina was busy with clearing away the food that was left and performing her simple household tasks, Bomba sat down beside Casson and told the story of his journey.