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Thornwheel and Cassir, two of Salap's assistants at the station, were younger than I, though we appeared about the same age.

Shatro, Thornwheel and Cassir stood by the boat, waiting to be taken to the ship.

I shrugged them off with a convulsive shudder, as did Shatro, but Cassir plucked them off his bare arms and ate them.

At the same time, Randall, Shatro, Cassir, and Thornwheel began to drain the other palaces.

With a little energy left over, Randall and Cassir had decided to knock a hole in the wall of an inner chamber, to get a head start on the next morning's work.

Salap pushed aside the piles to see what Cassir and Randall had spied from above.

Shatro and Cassir became involved in an argument about what the humanlike remains signified.

He shook his hand loosely at Cassir and Shatro, as if dismissing them.

Randall turned to Shimchisko and Shatro, lifted his hand, and swung it to include Cassir and me in the sweep of his orders.

Shatro, Cassir, Thornwheel, and I followed him below, to resume our studies of the homunculi.

Shatro, Thornwheel, and Cassir arranged these dissections so that I performed the simplest and least elevated tasks.

Ser Cassir, you and I will stand by the bulwarks port and starboard amidships.

On the main deck, Cassir and Salap stood by the rails port and starboard.

With a look of fascination and caution, and a touch of disgust, Cassir clamped the lid down on the barrel.

Soterio had broken his wrist in the deluge of water that had parted my safety line, but he let Cassir and Ry Diem set and wrap it, and gave us as much help as he could with his remaining good arm, though his face was gray with pain.