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Cassibile may refer to:

  • Cassibile (village), a village and frazione of the comune of Syracuse, Sicily
    • Armistice of Cassibile, armistice between Italy and the Allies of World War II
  • Cassibile (river), a river of the province of Syracuse, in Sicily
Cassibile (river)

The Cassibile ( Greek: Kakyparis) is a 30 km long river located in south-eastern Sicily.

The river rises from the Serra Porcari, near Palazzolo Acreide, in the Hyblaean Mountains which form the main part of the mountainous Sicilian southeast. It flows into the Ionian Sea between Capo Negro and Punta del Cane, 23 km south of Syracuse. The river has created a series of canyons and near Avola Antica several waterfalls and small lakes can be accessed by the ancient Scala Cruci staircase.

Cassibile (village)

Cassibile ( Sicilian: Cassìbbili) is an Italian village and civil parish ( frazione) of the city and municipality ( comune) of Syracuse (Siracusa), in Sicily. As of 2006 its population was of 5,800.