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Casma is a city in the Ancash Region, Peru. It is located in the Casma Valley. Its surface has 1 204,85 km².

Its people venerate Santa Maria Magdalena and its day is celebrated on July 22.

Some of the largest prehistoric monuments around the world are situated in the Casma Valley and in the Sechín Valley. The pyramid, main square, and circular sunken courtyard complexes extend over one kilometer in length. In February 2008 archaeologists uncovered a ceremonial plaza which has been dated to 5,500 years ago, making it one of the oldest structures ever found in the Americas.

Casma (disambiguation)

Casma is a town in Peru.

Casma may also refer to:

  • Casma Province, province of the Ancash Region of Peru
    • Casma District, district of Casma Province
  • Casma River, river that crosses Casma Province in the Ancash Region of Peru
  • Casma Valley, coastal valley north of Lima, Peru
  • CASMA, Computerized Airline Sales and Marketing Association
  • Chilean ship Casma (1889)