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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A number of brewers now use a device called a cask breather on low volume beers to prolong their life.
▪ Ahab considers this and then goes to the deck and orders that the casks be examined.
▪ Clarets are aged in stainless steel vats or oak casks, and are bottled only when they are considered ready for sale.
▪ Good selection of cask conditioned ales, wines and whiskies.
▪ The beer is run into casks.
▪ The wine casks are opened and the crew revels through the night, drinking and shouting and singing.
▪ There are two ways in which cask beer can be stored that interfere with the vital secondary fermentation.
▪ They also say the 25-ton stainless steel casks used at some plants to stored cooled material above ground are too expensive.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cask \Cask\ (k[.a]sk), n. [Sp. casco potsherd, skull, helmet, prob. fr. cascar to break, fr. L. Quassure to break. Cf. Casque, Cass.]

  1. Same as Casque. [Obs.]

  2. A barrel-shaped vessel made of staves headings, and hoops, usually fitted together so as to hold liquids. It may be larger or smaller than a barrel.

  3. The quantity contained in a cask.

  4. A casket; a small box for jewels. [Obs.]


Cask \Cask\, v. t. To put into a cask.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from Middle French casque "cask; helmet," from Spanish casco "skull, cask, helmet," originally "potsherd," from cascar "to break up," from Vulgar Latin *quassicare, frequentative of Latin quassare "to shake, shatter" (see quash). The sense evolution is unclear.


n. 1 A large barrel for the storage of liquid, especially of alcoholic drinks. 2 (context obsolete English) A casket; a small box for jewels. vb. To put into a cask.

  1. n. the quantity a cask will hold [syn: caskful]

  2. a cylindrical container that holds liquids [syn: barrel]


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Usage examples of "cask".

From the papers, Amy learned that the Pimpernel had spirited Papa out of prison disguised as a cask of cheap red wine.

I may observe that on this occasion we had an opportunity of ascertaining that good Burgundy, well racked off, and in casks hermetically sealed, does not lose its quality on a sea voyage.

The constantly increasing accumulation of pieces of machinery, big brass castings, block tin, casks, crates, and packages of innumerable articles, by their demands for space, necessitated the sacrifice of most of the slighter partitions of the house, and the beams and flooring of the upper chambers were also mercilessly sawn away by the tireless scientist in such a way as to convert them into mere shelves and corner brackets of the atrial space between cellars and rafters.

Captain Pullings, and the shrill gun went off: its smoke had barely swept astern before the starboard target appeared, three masses of casks and worn-out sailcloth flying on upright spars, each representing the forecastle, waist and quarterdeck of a ship of the line, the whole towed on a long cablet by the boats of the squadron.

Hands freed, Cashel tilted the cask with one hand so that he could get his other under the lower rim.

The royal cellarman was screaming, red-faced, at a man who had brought him a cask of malmsey instead of the port he had ordered.

Not until I slipped from the stool and was unconscious, or disperh until you removed me to my cubiculum, did the murderer drag the body from the cask and then pull it along the tunnel and cast him backslash into the sea.

There Espe had shown him the entrance to an escape tunnel concealed behind one of the wine casks.

Figure 185 represents a well-known modern exhibitionist lifting with his teeth a cask on which are seated four men.

The Duchess of Fiano had sent a cask of wine, which was an unknown beverage there, and these presents made them hope for others.

I thanked the Greek for his delicious muscatel wine, and, requesting his address in Naples, I assured him that he would see me within a fortnight, as I was determined to secure a cask of his Cerigo.

Calabria, who oftentimes brings into the port excellent liquors of his country, and who would pass a cask of the red lachryma christi through the Broglio itself, and not a noble of them all should see it.

I have sent a dozen casks of lachryma christi up the canals since the masquers came abroad, and beyond that I have not occasion.

For the rest I laid in an eighteen-gallon cask of beer on credit, and a trustful baker came each day.

To the custodian of the Memorabilia, each unsealing represented another decrease in the probable lifetime of the contents of the cask, and he made no attempt to conceal his disapproval of the entire proceeding.