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n. A small, attached but self-contained house or apartment


Usage examples of "casita".

La Casita was nice enough, a Southwestern version of the Route 40 motor court that Tess had camped outside not even two weeks ago.

La Casita, she and Esskay stretched across the synthetic flowery spread and nibbled on Fig Newtons together as Tess paged through the phone book, which was thicker than she had expected.

Nguyen was on the telephone for quite some time, clucking over the shame of it all, even as she passed keys to the La Casita regulars and kept one eye on her Mexican soap operas.

She thought longingly of La Casita, then remembered that Esskay was there alone.

All her instruments agreed: She was in La Casita on Broadway in San Antonio, Texas, a city of a million-plus souls, few of whom seemed to like her very much.

After all, she was working out of a room at La Casita, charging hourly rates.

The Riverwalk had begun life as a one-time WPA project, according to an old travel guide she had found in the nightstand at La Casita, then been pulled back from the edge of ruin in the early sixties.

Finally they reached La Casita, where Tess grabbed her running shoes and some jeans that fit, then checked on her all-but-abandoned child.

Following the instructions posted on the bulletin board across from the desk, Hel confirmed the three-day casita reservation for a Mr.

Hel removed her casita key from her pocket and inserted it into the mailroom door.

Askel who entered your casita and destroyed my cane, then his flesh will be burned and scarred.

Your casita tried to block my way with a thousand biting jolts of electricity.

There was a large metal gate, and next to it a doorbell in its own foot-tall casita sunk into the wall.

When I get to the frontier the Guard rushes out of his casita, a mirror in a wooden frame slung round his neck.

Then he hooks the chain up again, goes back into the casita and starts plucking at his mustache.