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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
cash card
▪ Hence the helpful and revealing insights of the staff into his cash card habits.
▪ Imagine that a child has a cash card.
▪ The account offers a cash card and 1 per cent bonus for the first six months.
cash card

n. a credit card that entitles the holder to receive cash [syn: cashcard]

Usage examples of "cash card".

She'd take it out with the woman's cash card, then trash the card.

After buying some clothing she'd report her bag as stolen to the police and then get a cash card from her bank.

So then I borrowed some, and pretty soon I ran out of that, and then nobody would give me no more even though I just gotta wait until tomorrow before my cash card works again.

I took with me my mother's cash card and her phone card and all her available money, and my own new credit card and cheques, and also a zipped bag containing the things I'd borrowed ten days earlier from Emily - helmet, padded jacket, jodhpur boots - that my mother hadn't yet returned to her.

I stuffed one of Mom's overnight bags with whatever I could find quick, grabbed the cash card, and got out the cellar window and out through the backyard.

All my credit cards, driver's license, Citibank cash card letters, were in my purse in the room at Lame Duck.

If there is any trouble, you can always say that your cash card was nicked by a Mexican and it wasn't you that did this.

There was personal stuff there, his cash card, his ID, the key cards for the office and the condo.