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Rue de Casette, next to the mairie, in an area of narrow cobblestone streets and very old houses.

McCoy quit flipping the casette, put it back in its place in the cabinet then closed the sliding door with more force than was necessary.

A portable casette player boomed out its music over the clicking of dumb-bells.

The little camera handled beautifully, and I found I could change the films in their tiny casettes without much difficulty.

It is available on tape casettes so that you can virtually memorize its contents by listening to it repeatedly while you are washing the dishes or driving to and from work.

One could store a whole host of different programs on casette tapes, and simply pick out whichever was needed, and use it: but the cassettes were still, all the same, just ordinary cassettes, and if one played the tape straightforwardly in the normal way on a cassette player, as I had done, one heard the vibrating whine.

His favorite magazine was Mountain Biking Action and Reaction, and he would spend countless hours analyzing the carbon fiber frames, titanium handlebars, aluminum cranks, elliptical chain rings, front suspension forks, full suspension bikes, grip shifters, quick release levers, gel racing seats, disc wheels, bar ends, clipless pedals, Kevlar (TM) tires, altimeters, casette hubs, and other wondrous objects that filled its pages.