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The Collaborative International Dictionary

cased \cased\ adj.

  1. covered or protected with or as if with a case; as, knights cased in steel.

    Syn: encased, incased.

  2. same as bound; -- of books.

    Syn: covered.

  1. having a case or covering; encased or clad v

  2. (en-past of: case)

  1. adj. covered or protected with or as if with a case; "knights cased in steel"; "products encased in leatherette" [syn: encased, incased]

  2. enclosed in a case

Usage examples of "cased".

Her eyes went to the cased dueling pistols mounted on the wall behind Julian.

I ran easily and sweetly, my T-shirt sticking and unsticking to my sweaty back, my feet cased in Nike Victory 9s that, sprung with argon pockets and flexing sheaths of smart elastomers, could probably have run better by themselves.

The lower part of his dress was more distinctly visible by the bright rays of the moon, which, entering through the broken ceiling, shed their refulgent beams on feet cased in elegantly made boots of polished leather, over which descended fashionably cut trousers of black cloth.

Again that driving fatality tugged insistently at my brain as I recalled the awesome records that once lay cased in those rectangular vaults of rustless metal.

She put out her slender feet, cased in laced boots, which had been originally made for them, and therefore had not galled the poor little stockingless extremities.

No wonder Tess had cats on the brain: the clock was one of those insanely grinning Kit-Kat Klock tchotchkes, sequined tail swinging back and forth in time with round eyes that cased the room.

With the other captains watching, Washen stripped the dragonfly of its wings and tail, then cased the rest into their autokitchen.

Stanly Weill rose beside him, shoved the cased sound-recorder into his hands, and pushed him back into his seat.

Cased microchips stood in neat piles just within the edge of the undamaged forest.

Thom tossed down a blanket roll, then slung his cased flute and harp across his back and shouldered bulging saddlebags.

They were like tiny, tentacle-less proxies, their swollen mantles cased in something like keratin.

Pencil-thin spotlights cased in stainless steel lit a Siamese Buddha, New England Redware and a Florentine triptych.

Like the other tombs at Giza, all three had been cased with fine limestone, which had been stripped off, leaving the steplike core.

The door sagged open, and at her gesture the players filed into the room, carryalls and cased Gameboards in hand.

When the horsemen commenced to slow trot, the fifers cased their instruments, unslung their shields, and drew their swords, while the drummers remained halted in formation, beating time for the foot.