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n. (context nautical English) A flat-bottomed, square-ended boat once used in the Philippines as a lighter to ferry goods between ship and shore

Casco, WI -- U.S. village in Wisconsin
Population (2000): 572
Housing Units (2000): 236
Land area (2000): 0.559610 sq. miles (1.449382 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.005882 sq. miles (0.015234 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.565492 sq. miles (1.464616 sq. km)
FIPS code: 12850
Located within: Wisconsin (WI), FIPS 55
Location: 44.554174 N, 87.620741 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 54205
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Casco, WI

Casco may refer to:

Casco (Utrecht)

Casco is a non-profit public art institution based in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Casco (surname)

Casco is the surname of:

  • Gladys Bernarda Casco (born 1954), Honduran politician
  • Gonzalo Casco, sixteenth century Spanish military leader and conquistador in what is now Paraguay
  • Horacio Casco (1886-?), Argentine fencer who competed in the 1924 Olympics
  • Juan Casco (born 1945), Paraguayan retired footballer
  • Milton Casco (born 1988), Argentine footballer
  • Zelmar Casco (born 1926), Argentine fencer who competed in the 1964 Olympics

Usage examples of "casco".

She started to protest, but Longarm was already explaining it all to the fatter Mexican gal, and she agreed in a motherly way that a kid with a raw throat would do better on a double helping of cascos de guayaba con queso, while the two ladies might fancy more modest servings of arroz con pollo, seeing they were new at the game.

When enough has been collected in one neighbourhood to load a casco or other province boat, it is despatched to their camarine at Manilla, where after being taken from the original pilone, if it has come from Pampanga, it is mixed up together, and placed in another one, with an opening at the conical part, which is placed over a jar into which the molasses distilling from it gradually drop, when the colour of the sugar from being brown becomes of a greyish tinge.

Casi no hablamos, mientras las ruedas y los cascos retumbaban sobre las piedras.

Jonathan Sewall, who was still attorney general, climbed a hill overlooking the blue sweep of Casco Bay, where they could talk privately.

Taking the initiative, he hunted up his old friend Jonathan Sewall, whom he had not seen since the day they bid farewell at Casco Bay in what seemed a lifetime before.

Cerro Alto, pienso en los hombres olvidados de América y de España que perecieron bajo los cascos de los caballos.

Entre otras cosas, yo tenía un reloj, un casco de corcho, una brújula y una Biblia.

New Hampshire and Maine it continued to burn fiercely till the treaty of Casco, in 1678.

Andros did what he could, and left more than five hundred men in garrison on the Kennebec and the Saco, at Casco Bay, Pemaquid, and various other exposed points.

At Casco Bay, they met a large body of Indians, whom they routed after a desultory fight of six hours.

Here he learned that a band of French and Indians had lately passed southward on their way to attack the English fort at Casco Bay, on the site of Portland.

Chief among those in the hands of the French was Captain Davis, late commander at Casco Bay.

Leaving Pentegoet, and sailing westward all day along a solitude of woods, one might reach the English outpost of Pemaquid, and thence, still sailing on, might anchor at evening off Casco Bay, and see in the glowing west the distant peaks of the White Mountains, spectral and dim amid the weird and fiery sunset.

A strong fort of stone was built, the abandoned cannon of Casco mounted on its walls, and sixty men placed in garrison.

To attack military posts, like Casco and Pemaquid, was a legitimate act of war.