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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cascalho \Cas*cal"ho\, n. [Pg., a chip of stone, gravel.] A deposit of pebbles, gravel, and ferruginous sand, in which the Brazilian diamond is usually found.


n. (context South America English) A deposit of pebbles, gravel, and ferruginous sand in which diamonds may be found.

Usage examples of "cascalho".

It is called by the miners the cascalho, and consists of loose gravel, the pebbles of which are rounded and polished, having at some previous era been subject to the action of running water.

The bed varies in thickness from one to four feet, and the pebbles are of various kinds, but when there are many of a species called esmerillo preto, the cascalho is considered to be rich in diamonds.

Each had a wooden plate, with which he dashed water upon the rough cascalho as it was thrown into the trough by another slave.