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init. 1 (label en legal) (initialism of w:Court of Arbitration for Sport Court of Arbitration for Sport English) 2 (label en chemistry) (initialism of w:Chemical Abstracts Service Chemical Abstracts Service English) 3 (label en electronics communication) (initialism of w:channel associated signalling channel associated signalling English) 4 (label en military) (initialism of w:combat armor suit Combat Armor Suit English) Used for a powered, armed and armored exoskeleton, in fiction and military research. 5 (label en mathematics computing) (initialism of w:computer algebra system computer algebra system English)


Cas may mean:

  • Caș, a type of cheese made in Romania
  • Cas (people), an ancient people near the Caspian Sea
  • Cas guava (Psidium friedrichsthalianum), a species of guava that grows in Costa Rica
  • Calcium sulfide (CaS), a chemical compound
  • Cassiopeia (constellation), standard astronomical abbreviation
  • Castleford, a common abbreviation for the town in West Yorkshire, UK
  • Central Authentication Service (CAS)
  • Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
  • Computer algebra system (CAS)
  • CRISPR associated systems An adaptive immune system found in bacteria and archaea that is also useful for genetic engineering.
  • Cas, a type of cake made in India
  • Close Air Support, a military term for air action by aircraft against hostile targets that are close to friendly ground or naval forces.

Caș is a type of semi-soft white fresh cheese produced in Romania. It is unsalted (sometimes lightly salted), made out of sheep milk or cow milk. If stored in brine, caș turns into telemea after 2–3 weeks.

Caș cheese is also used to make other types of cheese such as Brânză de burduf and Caşcaval.

Usage examples of "cas".

The ceiling-high bookshelves were stuffed with books: history books, nature books, sailing books, novels, and the cache of erotica that she and Cas had discovered on the top shelf one summer and had read aloud in the obscurity of the gazebo, only half understanding the words.

They had giggled until their sides ached and then Cas had touched her and it was different.

An hour later, Hank was going through double bypass surgery and Cas had agreed to fill in as sheriff until he recovered.

That Cas was tall, lean and hard, with a tight ass and a larger-than-life penis.

Certainly not to wonder if Cas was in Ex Falls or how he would look in a G-string.

There was just enough light for Cas to see the really big handgun that was aimed at him.

And Cas forgot about the dog, as he imagined sucking on the hard nipples that showed through the silk.

There was a momentary standoff, then Cas tilted his head to crack his neck.

Smitty and thumped his tail on the floor before heaving to his feet and following Cas over to the counter.

Julie planned to sleep until noon, but Cas probably had to get up, so she let it pass.

And Cas saw two little figures standing on the back steps of Reynolds Place.

When Cas left for boarding school, his father had been a formidable, well-respected banker.

It never occurred to him to ask why Cas had returned home in the first place.

Outside the parlor, Cas leaned the rifle against the wall so he could take it away with him as soon as he deposited his father in front of the fireplace.

Now that Cas thought about it, there were a lot of people in town living in another world, only theirs had to be more interesting than the Reynoldses.