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Not to be confused with the related name Charis

Carys is a Welsh feminine given name, formed from the stem of the Welsh vocabulary word caru, "to love" (cf. third personcâr "beloved friend" or "precious"), and the suffix -ys, found in such names as Dilys, Gladys, Glenys and Nerys.

This is comparable to the similar name Cheryl which like Carys also appeared circa 1900 and is a combination of Cherie (The French form of Cara which means "precious" in Latin and is cognate to Welsh "câr") and the +yl suffix common in trendy early 20th century names such as Meryl and Beryl.

Famous bearers of the name include:

  • Carys Parry (born 1981), Welsh hammer thrower
  • Carys Hawkins (born 1988), Welsh-born Australian football player
  • Carys Zeta Douglas (born 2003), daughter of Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and American actor Michael Douglas