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Caryl is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name:

  • Caryl Bagot, 6th Baron Bagot (1877-1961), Irish Guards officer
  • Caryl Brahms (1901-1982), English writer
  • Caryl Chessman (1921-1960), convicted robber and rapist
  • Caryl Churchill (born 1938), English dramatist
  • Caryl Kristensen (21st century), daytime talk show host
  • Caryl Manning (20th century), Canadian politician
  • Caryl Parker Haskins (1908-2001), scientist, author, inventor, and philanthropist
  • Caryl Phillips (born 1958), British writer
  • Caryl Righetti (born 1984), footballer


  • Joseph Caryl (1602-1673), English theologian
  • Ronnie Caryl (20th century), guitarist

Usage examples of "caryl".

After the encounter with young Caryl, she was on her guard, but none of the stablefolk paid any attention to her.

I do not think a child like Caryl would do him any great harm, he said the king had shown him kindness.

Riding in the dark, holding Caryl, small and limp, in her arms, Romilly thought of Rael, sleeping against her shoulder.

He turned back to his own riding, and Romilly, settling Caryl as comfortably as she could in front of her - it would indeed be easier if he could sit behind her and hang on, but there was no way to stop and change now - reflected that he had protected her even when he had nothing to gain by keeping her secret, and when he might have made trouble among his captors.

Romilly hugged Caryl tight, not sure whether it was to comfort the child or to still her own fears, whispering, "Help me quiet the animals.

Once she saw Caryl shaking his head, seriously, and a word or two reached her ears.

She could not talk to Caryl, he was only a child, and used his power with pleasure, as she had always used it since she found out she had special skill with horses and used it in training them.

Lying awake between Caryl and Orain, still shivering, she wondered grimly how she could manage to conceal it in this climate.

Romilly had been sleeping, not only in the fur-lined cloak Orain had given her, but in the rough old one she had taken from Rory's cabin, rolling herself up in them both, with Caryl in her arms.

But Orain's presence was comforting to her, and, she felt, to Caryl as well.

He had ordered rooms for them all to sleep, saying that he had taken the best room the inn offered for young Caryl, as his rank demanded.

A few days later, she was summoned to Janni, and when she went out into the main room where she had met Janni first, she saw Orain again, with Caryl at his side.

To the end of her life Romilly remembered that first ride across the Plains of Valeron - for so Caryl told her they were called - green and fertile, with crops blooming in the field and trees without even snow-pods for their night-blossoms.

No, Caryl, not you," she added, sharply, and the boy fell back like a puppy that had been kicked.

She dismounted, saw her horse led away, and followed Caryl into the Great House.