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n. (plural of cartridge English)

Usage examples of "cartridges".

InterLace educational cartridges, and professional athletes who thrashed in their sleep.

The pornographical cartridges he finds nonsensical and views them in Fast Forward to get them over with as quickly as possible.

On its branches there hung fruit of a strange kind: guns and cartridges and daggers and black headbands.

Cretan ranks, and now, unveiled like the Christian women, helped to make cartridges in the churchyard in front of the church of Kasteli.

He had filled one part of the bag with cartridges, oilcloth and balsam, and in the other had put a loaf of bread, a soft cheese and a bottle of wine.

Suddenly his hands were shaking and the fat red cartridges spilled on to the floor.

With mounting excitement and dread he broke open the shotgun and slipped the cartridges into the blank eyes of the breeches.

The shotgun was still in his hands, and his pockets were full with cartridges that he had picked up from the floor before leaving the study.

She engaged the safety, noticed a box of cartridges, and grabbed that too.

There were extra pairs of rubber hip boots, rifles and ammunitionsmall-caliber rifles which, with their cartridges, were light and easily carried, but effective against anything in the Everglades except alligators, which could be avoided.

Lying as flat as possible on the crusted snow, only raising the head or body enough to load and aim, the men on both sides, with their teeth set, their glaring eyes fastened on the foe, their nerves as tense as tightly-drawn steel wires, rained shot on each other as fast as excited hands could crowd cartridges into the guns and discharge them.

Our sole wealth consisted in our ammunition, packages of cartridges which we had stowed away inside some of the large cheeses.

Her face was calm, and she looked at me without trembling, while I brought wood and dried leaves together, and feverishly threw on to them the powder from some cartridges, which was to make her funeral pile the more cruel.