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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Carte \Carte\ ||Quarte \Quarte\, n. [F. quarte, prop., a fourth. Cf. Quart.] (Fencing) A position in thrusting or parrying, with the inside of the hand turned upward and the point of the weapon toward the adversary's right breast. [1913 Webster] ||


Carte \Carte\, n. [F. See 1st Card.]

  1. Bill of fare.

  2. Short for Carte de visite.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

n. 1 A bill of fare; a menu. 2 (context dated English) A visiting card.


n. a list of dishes available at a restaurant; "the menu was in French" [syn: menu, bill of fare, card, carte du jour]


Usage examples of "carte".

It has been charged that Des Cartes influenced Cocceius, since the school of that philosopher was growing into power at the very period of the Cocceian tendencies.

Vigor brand Russian-made condoms, a few soiled, dogeared cards from less-than-reputable Moscow clubs known for the sexual hijinks that took place in private back rooms--Tarnapolsky had a small collection of such cartes de vi site--and, the crowning touch, a half-used tube of ointment customarily used to treat the topical manifestation of certain more benign sexually communicable diseases.

We mean stand around outside with the other tourists staring incomprehendingly at the menu, which should look like this: CARTE DE MENU Les Petites Eyeballes de Mackerelle en Huile de Voiture Le Debenture en Camisole au Bibliothieque Le Spamme avec un Side de Fries Le Poisson du Votre Fr6re Raoul Le Roni du Zoo en La Ware de la Tupper Prix Pour Le Wholle Ball de Waxe: 156,000,000,000,000,000 Franks.

Flores et une autre ile encore de la chaine se prolongent considerablement, toutes quatres, dans la direction du sud, fournissant, ainsi le premier modele de ces deformations speciales que reproduirent en les amplifiant taut de cartes Portugaises et Francaises.

It is the renowned Monsieur Des Cartes, whose lustre far outshines the aged winking tapers of Peripatetic Philosophy, and has eclipsed the stagyrite, with all the ancient lights of Greece and Rome.

The Terms of Service agreement signed by subscribers gives AOL carte blanche to delete posts, shut down websites, and, following three violations, disconnect offenders.

To show his pleasure, Kang Xi gave Trinket carte blanche to reimburse himself from the Privy Purse for the expenses he had incurred on this last mission.

Roman had seen Senate cartes blanches before, and was fully aware of the range of powers such papers held.

Magazines wanted the war pictures as the factual basis for their engravings, although everyone else with money to spend on images wanted little portraits on cartes de visite.

The competition to sell cartes de visite was keen, but Brady was preeminent in the field coverage of the war.

The boom in cartes de visite had not ended, but thousands of photographers around the country were turning them out more cheaply than Brady.

After a few moments, Brady walked upstairs to the third floor, the finishing and mounting rooms, where the women touched up the photographs and operated the presses that sealed the bond between images and backings of cartes de visite.

I have to wheedle with Stanton and show him how it helps make military maps, and I have to turn out these damned cartes de visite to make ends meet, and I have to fight with my own assistants to stick together and to use this war to launch the great new art" "You're getting all worked up, Mathew.

The cartes de visite came out from their box, and Chess watched the weather with special interest.

He fumbles with one hand inside his shirt, for he wears no coat, and out of that mysterious receptacle he presently produces his certificatory Carte de Civisme--his identity card, what?