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n. A mountainous region in Northeast Italy.

Usage examples of "carso".

At the front they were advancing on the Carso, they had taken Kuk across from Plava and were taking the Bainsizza plateau.

On the Carso they were going forward but there were marshes and swamps down by the sea.

The other two ambulance sections are in the Carso with the third army.

He remembered how d’Annunzio had lost an eye in a crash, flying as an observer, over Trieste or Pola, and how, afterwards, he had always worn a patch over it and people who did not know, for, then, no one really knew, thought it had been shot out at the Veliki or San Michele or some other bad place beyond the Carso where everyone died, or was incapacitated, that you knew.

One day, in a battle on the Carso, he found himself beside an idiot soldier who let a grenade explode in his hands—why else call them hand grenades?