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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Carse \Carse\ (k[aum]rs), n. [Of Celtic origin; cf. W. cars bog, fen. carsen reed, Armor. kars, korsen, bog plant, reed.] Low, fertile land; a river valley. [Scot.]


n. (context Scotland English) Low, fertile land; a river valley.


In Scottish geography, a Carse (the modern form of older Scotskerse) is an area of low-lying, typically alluvial and fertile land occupying certain Scottish river valleys, such as that of the River Forth.

Carse (surname)

Carse is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Adam Carse (1878–1958), British musicologist
  • Bill Carse (1914–2000), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Bob Carse (1919–1999), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Duncan Carse (1913–2004), British explorer and actor
  • A. Duncan Carse (1876–1938), British artist
  • James Alexander Carse (born 1958), Zimbabwean cricketer
  • James Howe Carse (ca. 1819–1900), British-Australian artist
  • James P. Carse, American academic
  • Matilda Carse (1835–1917), Irish-American businesswoman and social reformer
  • Stef Carse, Canadian pop singer

Usage examples of "carse".

The Sarks carried ballistas, and Carse saw two of the Khond ships holed and sunk by the hurtling stones.

I can call another eight hundred or a thousand each from the garrisons at Carse and Tulan, though to do so would strip them fully.

Deep within the glades, at prearranged locations, two troops of guards from the keep at Carse were waiting for them with fresh horses.

This device was fashioned as a gift by Althafain of Carse, a most puissant artificer of magic, who thought me worthy of such a present, as I have done him a favor or two in the pastbut that is of little matter.

The talk at the table turned to more common topics, for the magician had been at the southern keep at Carse for over a month and wanted the gossip of Crydee.

His Grace, Borric conDoin, third Duke of Crydee, Prince of the Kingdom, Lord of Crydee, Carse, and Tulan.

It has been forty years since the siege of Carse, and we have had little traffic with the dwarves since.

It marked the border between Crydee and the Barony of Carse, one of Lord Borric's vassal provinces.

These were men of Carse, who wore the scarlet tabard of Baron Bellamy quartered by a gold cross, a golden griffin rampant over their hearts.

Since leaving the men from Carse three days ago, they had felt more tension each passing day.

Pug saw the lifeless bodies of a dozen men of Carse, as well as Longbow's two lead trackers, tied to stakes in lifelike poses around the campfire.

The levies from the villages and towns number at best a thousand, and most would be old veterans from the siege at Carse or young boys without skills.

At the Battle of Carse Keep, when the castle was nearly taken by the Dark Brotherhood, the dwarves of Stone Mountain and the Gray Towers were on the march to aid the besieged.

The damaged ships were already limping toward Carse, while the undamaged ships in the harbor had moved down the coast to their present location, north of Sailor's Grief.

Most of the townspeople had shipped for Carse after the death raid, but a few had stayed the winter.