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n. 1 (plural of carrot English) 2 (context slang derogatory English) (''UK'') A redhead.

Carrots (song)

Carrots/KKKKK is a split record between Excepter and Animal Collective member Panda Bear. It was limited to 1,000 copies. This is Panda Bear's third single for his 2007 album Person Pitch.

Carrots (film)

Carrots is a 1917 British silent crime film directed by Frank Wilson and starring Chrissie White, Lionelle Howard and Gerald Lawrence. A young female costermonger known as "Carrots" helps her policeman boyfriend thwart a criminal gang led by her own brother.

Usage examples of "carrots".

Before the boys could struggle to their feet, Carrots, with his hands full of gingerbread, had disappeared around the nearest corner.

He was loafing on a street corner, with Carrots and two other boys, one night, when Theodore passed them on his way home from school.

Then Dick held a brief conference with Carrots and the other two, and all four set off hastily in the direction that Theodore had taken.

He said to himself that Carrots and the others might inform against him just to save themselves.

Ever since Carrots had stolen the food from the stand, Theo had wanted to find him.

More than once he had caught a glimpse in the streets of the lank figure and the frowzy red head, but Carrots had no desire to meet Theo and he took good care to keep out of his way.

It was surely Carrots sitting on one of the benches, his eyes gazing moodily across the greensward to the street beyond.

Theodore Gives Carrots a Chance Theodore dreaded to go home that night.

Jimmy looked after him in wonder that turned to indignation, as he saw Theo lay a detaining hand on the ragged jacket of Carrots, who was slouching aimlessly along the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets, and, after a little talk with him, bring him back to the stand.

Then he hurried on, leaving Carrots in a maze of wonder, doubt and indecision, for he could not yet believe that Theo meant honestly by him.

He said no more, but after this he watched Theo and Carrots closely, and did a deal of earnest thinking on the subject.

Many times during that morning he thought of Carrots and wondered how he was getting on.

In the same instant, Theo saw Carrots snatch a box from a bootblack near him and with a wild yell of defiance, hurl it through one of the car windows.

When it was completed, Carrots darted up on top of it and waved a red handkerchief above his head.

Of this number were Tom Steel, and Carrots, whose red banner had more than once caught the eye of the police.