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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Usage examples of "carpe".

I can hardly hear my own thoughtspicking, carping, criticizing, arguingoh, Titus, how they argue!

Cicero, calling on them, found Servilia convinced that she still possessed enough power in the Senate to have the decision reversed, Cassius in the mood for war, Brutus utterly despondent, Porcia carping and nagging as usual, and Tertulla in the depths of despair because she had lost her baby.

Back in the borough Reise had treated her and Cashel exactly as he treated anyone else: with brusque, carping honesty.

Esa columna viva era un muestrario de las napas sociales: el misántropo se codeaba con el bufón, el 0,95 con el 0,60, el vivillo con Paja Brava, el mendigo con el pedigüeño, el punguista liviano, sin carpeta, con el gran scrushante.

Goode announced inside the Carpe Diem, as if the restaurant's name applied to her.