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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Carlo is a masculine given name. It is an Italian form of Charles. It can refer to:

  • Carl (name)
  • Carlos (given name)
  • Monte Carlo
  • Carlingford, New South Wales, a suburb in north-west Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • A satirical song written by Dafydd Iwan about Prince Charles.
  • A former member of Dion and the Belmonts best known for his 1964 song, Ring A Ling.

Usage examples of "carlo".

The black shadow that covers the canvas dissolves, revealing the bright faces, now a little faded: Signoretto, Geraldo, Carlo, Fiammetta, Agata, the beautiful Agata, who seemed then to be destined for a future as a queen.

Don Carlos had lived in Auca territory for twenty-six years, before he was driven out by repeated attacks.

Don Carlos has working for him on his hacienda an Auca woman who escaped some years ago from a tribal killing.

Madame Norma Bellini, whom you will of course remember from her superb solo recital last month in Stratford, is our contralto, and the great Carlos Pitney is our bass.

The other men were lying around in the clearing, enjoying the sun, but when Romilly came back from checking the birds, she saw that Dom Carlo was awake and watching her.

As befitted a paxman, Orain kept close to Dom Carlo, but as they were spreading their blankets, and Romilly checking the birds and feeding them the last of the carrion - the men grumbled and snarled about the smell, but no one would gainsay Dom Carlo.

Dom Carlo put me in charge of the birds and bade me see they were properly fed, and I obey the vai dom as you do yourself!

Yet even Dom Carlo, who had the precious laran too - everything about the man spoke of easy, accustomed power - could not communicate with the birds, though he seemed able to know anything about men.

Interviewer: For six years from 1960-66 Carlos Castaneda served as an apprentice to a Yaqui Indian brujo, or sorcerer named don Juan.

Camera, the which were paid me by Messer Carlino, chamberlain, and Messer Carlo degli Albizzi, on account of the painting of the vault of the Chapel of Pope Sisto, on which I begin to work this day, under the conditions and contracts set forth in a document written by his Most Reverend Lordship of Pavia, and signed by my hand.

Knowing that resistance was not an option within the inquisition chambers, which only seemed to steal his strength faster, Carlos stopped struggling against them.

If Carlos had been exterminated, he should have immediately felt the jolt.

Father Pat was now at his side, and Carlos almost retched when he looked at the pool of blood Damali had left in the leather seat.

With that thought came the first wave of real tears since Carlos had bubbled back to the surface in a new crimson beginning.

His boy, Carlos, must have known he was gonna die and sent this last quiet gift to him so he could continue the line.