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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Carib \Car"ib\, n.; pl. Caries. [See Cannibal.] (Ethol.) A native of the Caribbee islands or the coasts of the Caribbean sea; esp., one of a tribe of Indians inhabiting a region of South America, north of the Amazon, and formerly most of the West India islands.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1550s, from Spanish Caribe, from Arawakan kalingo or kalino, said to mean "brave ones" or else "strong men." As an adjective by 1881.


Usage examples of "carib".

Leia stretched out with the Force, but if Carib was disturbed by the discussion of wrecked minds, it was masked by the odd clone-sense surrounding all of them.

You wait here with Han and help Carib and the others get repairs organized.

Something that had been artificially transferred along with his piloting skill to Carib and his brothers.

Ubiqtorate agent was starting to wind down now, and with a flicker of private amusement Carib realized that for once the old intimidation tactic had backfired.

Kothlis buildup eight days before that traitor Carib Devist brought his falsified data to the Parshoone Ubiqtorate station, which was how Solo found Bastion.

So that was what those small Imperial ships Carib had identified had been hanging around Bothawui for.

Surely Carib knew even better than he did that there was going to be no such thing as surrender here.

They sipped champagne, while the Carib Queen pulsated gently under them.

The waters through which the Carib Queen steamed were placid - she was a sparkling thing on a still sparkling sea.

Jerry said, getting in first, and looking with meaning toward the handsome staff captain of the Carib Queen.

Pam asked, remembering that the Carib Queen was, after all, of British registry.

ABOARD the Carib Queen, cruising south in smooth seas, there were many things that one could do to pass the pleasant time.

Told that there were as many more in the crew - that there were close to three hundred men and women and children aboard the Carib Queen - he groaned audibly.

If the Carib Queen were equipped for the dispatch of radio photographs - but that was absurd.

The Carib Queen was equipped for many things, some rather more complex than picture transmission.