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cargo hatch

n. hatch opening into the cargo compartment

Usage examples of "cargo hatch".

He had barely opened the cargo hatch, though, before Miho wordlessly snatched a dangling winch cable, dropped it through the hatch, then grabbed the cable with both hands and slid down to the ground.

Through the open cargo hatch, he could see the rocky ground scudding past, less than a hundred feet from the underside of the Akron.

The largest container that will fit through the main cargo hatch is three meters by two point seven meters, and standard access now is three by four, which limits her pretty much to specialty cargo.

As soon as the cargo hatch swung open, she saw the vehicle, load bed against the side of the ship, and stepped aside as seven men swarmed aboard.

And, as it turned toward the ship, she noticed it headed toward the cargo hatch so she made her way as fast as she could down the companionway, rather pleased with being able to move with some speed in the heavy gravity.

Other figures in dark dust mufflers were starting to emerge from the tilted cargo hatch of the Bean.

Instead, they moved steadily forward until they stopped by the ramp and the one cargo hatch.

Weeks was in charge of the procession and Dane went to work with the cargo plan Van had left, seeing that the brilliant scarlet lengths were hoist into the lower cargo hatch and stacked according to the science of stowage.

Dane saw to the closing of the outer cargo hatch, leaving the crawler, which had returned empty from its last trip across the barrens, parked on the scorched earth under the fins of the Queen.

The cargo hatch was closed, but, of course, he had seen to that himself.