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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
care home
▪ A private care home in my constituency accepted an elderly lady for respite care.
▪ More details about this should be obtained from your social worker or manager of your care home.
care home

n. A place of residence for people who have significant deficiencies with activities of daily living, such as the elderly, but who do not need constant nursing care.

Usage examples of "care home".

By his senior year he was an unwashed, silent recluse who accumulated narcotics arrests, dropped out of sight for five years, finally ended up in an Iowa board-and-care home.

He now lives in a community care home with La Belle Chatte, a former feline resident of MPI.

The sensation as the door closed behind Teresa Farrow was reminiscent of the one she used to have sneaking out of the care home, a giddy relief.

In addition to the children's care home and the two schools, it had a day-care center and a thrift shop.