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n. (alternative spelling of cardie English)


Cardy may refer to:

  • Cardigan (sweater), a type of knit shirt than has an open front
  • Cardy (surname)
  • Cardy, Missouri, United States
  • Cardy Site, United States, National Register of Historic Place
Cardy (surname)

Cardy is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alan Cardy, representative of Australia in rugby union
  • Dominic Cardy (born 1970), English born Canadian politician
  • John Cardy, British theoretical physicist
  • Julien Cardy (born 1981), midfielder in the French Football League
  • Nick Cardy (1920–2013), American comic book artist
  • Peter Cardy, British activist
  • Graeme Cardy, Newcastle United fan, World's Worst Comedian

Usage examples of "cardy".

The Cardies just take what they can and hold on to it with both hands and a tractor beam.

Leave it to the Cardies to make sure that tech troubles never came by ones.

What the Cardies did isn't the last word, no more than any of us has the last word to say on the grand scale.

Damn it, he thought, why couldn't the Cardies have built a safe, reasonable EPS system into the station instead of their usual, cheap microwave array?

The Cardies blew away our no-go wall between Cafe Bilge and the paint factory.

Since the Cardies are training to fight Starfleet, he agreed to let Starfleet run the show as long as there was still an officer alive ranking at least lieutenant.

During their occupation, the Cardies sold commercial concessions to the highest bidder.

He’d be damned if he would let the Cardies win this one, damned if he would give in to fear and despair.

They ought to be safe, unless the Cardies suddenly decided to run a sweeping scan of their own hull exterior.

Hell of a way to set up a system, if you ask me, but that's the way the Cardies wanted it to work.