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n. (alternative spelling of cardie English)


Cardi is an Italian surname that may refer to

  • Beatrice de Cardi (1914–2016), British archaeologist
  • Lodovico Cardi (1559–1613), Italian painter and architect better known as Cigoli
  • Ezio Cardi (born 1948), Italian cyclist

Usage examples of "cardi".

She'd been intending to use a slip-lead on the Cardi, but when he got a glimpse of the crate, he pushed his way through the partially open door and installed himself in his new quarters.

Unless, of course, they had made it up along with the name, as the Cardi national club suggested.

For now, she was ready to settle in to the old couch in the den, a comforter on her shoulders and a Cardi in her lap.

He tucked his nose under her arm and burrowed into the hug, and she crooned praise for his act of bravery while one of those big Cardi ears twitched against her arm, tickling her.