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It was nestled in the green foothills of the Carag Huim, the Mountains of the Moon, that bounded Elyria on the west.

The beauty and, peace of the Carag Huim and the dry, clear air were healing for my lungs if not my spirit, and they enabled me to face Alfrigg and his cohorts with equanimity.

For centuries men had attempted to conquer the heart of the Carag Huim, but found no passage save those to the south of Catania or far to the north in the realm of frozen wastes.

Every man who claimed to have found a way into those mountains had been proved a charlatan, and it was widely accepted that the gods intended for us to contemplate such awesome works as the Carag Huim from a respectful distance.

I had a single clue as to where we were bound and how in the name of heaven they had managed to find this passage into the Carag Huim.

Exploring deeper into the Carag Huim, we found the caves where they slept and the valleys where they played.

But he brought her into the Carag Huim, and she tried very hard to get control.

The crags of the Carag Huim were just beginning to take shape in the predawn stillness, and the rolling snowfield of the meadow was taking on a life separate from the dark line of trees to the south and west and the rocky heights to the north and east.

The clan knows the Elhim sanctuary is in the Carag Huim, but not exactly where.

Though the peaks and high valleys still wore their smooth mantles of white, spring was lurking in the Carag Huim.

Since leaving the mountains of the Carag Huim, we had been working our way toward Vallior and the large dragon camps of central Elyria, staying on back roads, avoiding cities and people and the persistent Ridemark patrols.

According to Davyn, Narim had been poking around in it, and according to the journal map, it was somewhere in the mountains of the Carag Huim.