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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Carac \Car"ac\ (k[a^]r"[a^]k), n. See Carack.


n. (alternative form of carrack English)

Carac (pastry)

Carac is a tart-like Swiss dessert pastry traditionally made of ingredients such as chocolate, cream, fondant, and shortbread pie crust, usually found in the French part of Switzerland.

It consists of a pie crust filled with a light ganache of blended cream and chocolate that is covered with green colored icing or fondant. Size varies from around 8 cm in diameter for single person tartlets to 25 cm for a larger version of the carac more suited for large gatherings, served in slices, much like cake or pie.

Usage examples of "carac".

Bek asked which of them would be prepared to stand before Carac and tell him they had been too afraid to follow his orders.

If Carac strikes hard enough he could split the army, or, at the very least, destroy the baggage train and the food supplies.

Pushing himself to his feet Carac stared down once more over the Stone army.

Expecting the king to fall back again, Conn was surprised when Carac hurled himself forward.

This is not a court-martial," Carac muttered, his gaze wandering over the papers on his desk.