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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Carabineer \Car`a*bi*neer"\ (k[a^]r`[.a]*b[i^]*n[=e]r"), n. A carbineer.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"mounted soldier armed with a carbine," 1670s, from French carabinier (17c.), from carabine "carbine" (see carbine). Italian carabinieri "soldiers serving as a police force" is the same word.


n. (context obsolete English) A cavalry soldier whose armament was a carbine


n. a soldier whose rifle is a carbine [syn: carabinier]

Carabineer (disambiguation)

A number of words are derived from the carbine firearm:

  • Carabinier, a carbine-carrying cavalry soldier
  • Carabinieri, the Italian gendarmerie
  • Carabineros de Chile, the Chilean police.
  • Carabiner, a rope connecting device

Usage examples of "carabineer".

Then another Carabineer, and another, and another, with the same object.

Angelelli returned with the Carabineer, and there was some talking in low tones.

He was in disguise, and he made an effort to deny himself, but thanks to the astuteness of the Carabineer charged with the warrant the device was defeated, and he was now lodged in the prison at Milan, where it was probable that he would remain some days.

Angelo and the Military College, the crowds had cheered her again and again, and sitting in an open car with a Carabineer by her side, she had looked frightened at finding herself a heroine where she had expected to be a malefactor.

The square in front of the Parliament House was kept clear by a cordon of Carabineers, but the open windows of the hotels and houses round about were filled with faces.

It was entirely surrounded by soldiers, the military commander of Rome on the right, the commander of the Carabineers on the left, and the Cuirassiers, riding two deep, before and behind, so that the King and Queen were scarcely visible to the cheering crowd.

Besides these, sir, there are three thousand Carabineers and eight thousand regular troops.

After each of the Carabineers had given his evidence the president asked the prisoner if he had any questions to ask the witnesses.

And to such effects we require the Corps of the Royal Carabineers to conduct him before us to be interrogated on the facts above stated, and call on all officials and agents of the public force to lend a strong hand for the execution of the present warrant.

Rossi was a prisoner sitting between two of the Carabineers with the marshal of Carabineers on the seat in front of him.

Via Filangeri the Carabineers grumbled and swore at the hard fate which kept them out of Rome at a time of public rejoicing.

A gentleman in a white waistcoat was about to step into the compartment with the Carabineers and their prisoner, when, recognising his travelling companions, he bowed and stepped back.

This worked on him like madness, and once again he leapt to his feet and made for the corridor, whereupon the Carabineers, who had been sleeping, got up and shut the door.

Civita Vecchia, the Carabineers opened the door to the corridor that their prisoner might stretch his legs.

One of the two other Carabineers stooped to lift him up, and the third laid hold of Rossi.