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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
car park
▪ Five strapping boys were carrying one of the rowdy rugby supporters against her will in the direction of the car park.
▪ From the car park turn right and head south.
▪ I was walking across the car park when some one jumped on my back.
▪ Plans for a 1,000-vehicle car park are also included.
▪ She turned into the big car park.
▪ They headed for the car park outside.
car park

n. 1 An outdoor area or a multi-storey building where cars may be parked. 2 (label en comical) A road with serious traffic congestion preventing the movement of vehicles.

car park

n. a lot where cars are parked [syn: parking lot, park, parking area]

Usage examples of "car park".

The spaces in the car park were taken, so Rebus did what others before him had done: bumped the Saab up on to the grass verge so that its nose touched the flower beds.

It was getting late but there was nowhere to park in King's car park, and Caffery had to take the Jaguar almost half-way to Brixton before he found a side-road to leave it in.

To me, it is primarily a hostile barrier that stands between a car park and water.

He finished his drink and they wandered off the terrace towards the car park.