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Capsa (software)

Capsa is the name for a family of packet analyzer developed by Colasoft for network administrators to monitor, troubleshoot and analyze wired & wireless networks. Currently, there are three editions available: Capsa Enterprise Edition, Capsa Professional Edition, and Capsa Free Edition.

Capsa (see)

Capsa is a titular see of North Africa.

Capsa (disambiguation)

Capsa may refer to:

  • Capsa (software), a network protocol analyzer (packet sniffer) for Windows
  • Capsa, Numidia, ancient city in today's Tunisia, nowadays known as Gafsa.
  • Capsa (see), a Roman Catholic titular see.
  • Capsa Susun, (game), a kind of poker game at Indonesia
  • Cap Sa, another name for the card game Big Two.
  • Capsa is a Latin word for container or case.
  • Casa Capșa, a restaurant and hotel in Bucharest, Romania
  • A circular box used in ancient times to house scrolls.

Usage examples of "capsa".

Amalafrida fugiens ad barbaros congressione facta Capsae juxta Heremum capitur, et in custodia privata moritur.