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init. (context biochemistry English) N-cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid

Caps (party)

The Caps were a political faction during the Age of Liberty (1719–1772) in Sweden. The primary rivals of the Caps were known as the Hats. The Hats are actually responsible for the Caps' name, as it comes from a contraction of Night-cap, a name used to suggest that the Caps were the soft and timid party. The Caps represented mostly peasants and clergymen.

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Caps is the plural of the form of headgear cap. Caps may also refer to:

Caps (drinking game)

Caps is a drinking game. It involves throwing bottle caps into 16oz-20oz beer mugs ( North America, North Europe, and Argentina), or at another other bottle with a cap balanced on open beer bottles upside down. ( France).

Four players split into two teams seated 8 to 16 feet apart(butts behind the cup), with a beer mug filled with beer placed between both players. Each side take turns throwing 1 cap each into their opponents' mug. Each time a team makes a shot, the other team gets a chance to "top it" or "match the shot" ( rebuttal) by making a shot. If no cancel is made, the team that made the original shot or last top gets the points while the other team must drink a full beer between them. However, if a top is made, the team which originally made the shot tries to make a top as well. This exchange continues until a top shot is missed, at which point the team that missed drinks its beer and a point or points may be awarded to the team that made the last successful shot. The game then continues with both teams taking turns shooting.

The first team to reach five points wins, or the first team to be two points ahead after five. If there is an occasion where three out of the four players make a cap within four shots, the odd man out is the beer fetcher ("bitch"), and if all four players make back-to-back shots then a social is called and both teams drink their beers.

CAPS (buffer)

CAPS is the common name for N-cyclohexyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid, a chemical used as buffering agent in biochemistry. The similar substance N-cyclohexyl-2-hydroxyl-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid (CAPSO) is also used as buffering agent in biochemistry. Its useful pH range is 9.7-11.1.

Usage examples of "caps".

The cloud cover has deteriorated to only about fifty percent and there are polar ice caps now.

I've worked sometimes whole afternoons, trimming her caps, and getting her ready to go to a party.

Within twenty seconds, the small dish in front of her was full of golden ribbed caps with stiff narrow stems and thready mycelia.

Then she threaded the succulent caps onto one of the skewers, spread on butter and a bit of garlic, and began broiling the exotic fungi.

They ran down the concourse, knocking travelers and sky caps aside, and began to scuffle over the few available pay telephones.

Then we punched tiny holes in the ceiling and through the roof and covered them with little metal caps, all of which could be shoved aside simultaneously at the close of a switch.