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Cappy may refer to:

Cappy (juice)

Cappy is a fruit juice and fruit-flavored soft drink brand in over 25 countries, in Europe, Africa and Asia, now owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

Usage examples of "cappy".

When Terrell held up his arm signaling Cappy to hold, the black and tan Doberman stopped dead in his tracks.

Dressed in what had become regulation clothes for Cappy, the improvised uniform of khaki gabardine slacks, white shirt, and a flight jacket, she inched the zipper closure up a JANET DAILEY little higher and stepped out of the operations building at Boiling Field to proceed to the DC-3 parked on the ramp, the passenger version of the Army cargo C-47.

As you know, one hundred percent of our Cappy Jane signal flux is licensed to Meta West Link.

All of the Earth-Moon transmissions for this part of the world come through Cappy Jane.

The pirate signals go back and forth between Cappy Jane and a spot right near Tonga itself.

He did know that some source in the Tonga Trench has been using up a large amount of the Cappy Jane bandwidth.

I flew from the Moon to the Earth and I made a deal with the King of Tonga to use his Cappy Jane satellite as an antenna to find some good personality waves.

The big Cappy Jane pie undulated over to the cube and began madly pecking away.

But if the Cappy Janes wiped out the aliens, that might scotch any hope of getting Phil and Darla back.

Rather than probing any further, the Cappy Jane creatures lifted off in hot pursuit of the aliens.

It looked like a pelican rookery and UFO landing field down there, with all the Cappy Jane birds and the giant disk.

Yoke was able to dial it up to see that the Cappy Janes had captured all seven Metamartians down there.

They had Shimmer, Ptah, Peg, Siss, Wubwub, a new one that looked like a man-sized bird and -- dialing up the magnification a bit more -- Yoke could even see that one of the Cappy Jane birds was holding the little beetle Josef.

The Cappy Janes kindled a fire in which the seven unresisting aliens were consumed.

I can alla you some imipolex and you can copy yourself just like the Cappy Janes did.