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Capps may refer to:

  • Capps, Arkansas
  • Capps, Florida, a small town in the U.S.
  • USS Capps (DD-550), a U.S. Navy destroyer
  • Capps (surname), people with the surname Capps
  • Mount Capps
Capps (surname)

Capps is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Carl E. Capps (born 1960), American painter, sculptor
  • Charles Capps (Mississippi politician). American politician
  • Edwin M. Capps (1860–1938), American politician
  • Lois Capps (born 1938), American politician
  • Matt Capps (born 1983), American baseball player
  • J. Russell Capps, American politician
  • Steve Capps, programmer
  • Walter Capps (1934–1997), American politician
  • Washington L. Capps (1864–1935), American naval officer